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Frequently Asked Questions

All small package orders that can be shipped via UPS that are received by 3pm CST will be shipped the same day. 

If the order requires LTL shipping, and is no more than a few pieces, we are often able to ship orders received by 2:30pm out the same day.  In the case of larger orders, they will ship the following day.   

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We use UPS for all of our small package shipments.  In the case of LTL orders that are prepaid & add, collect or 3rd party, we use R&L Carriers or FedEx Freight.  We can also ship via Old Dominion on collect and 3rd party orders.

We always try and ship the best way to ensure that the product arrives safely and without damage.  When deciding between R&L Carriers and FedEx Freight, we consider both cost and transit time when choosing the best way to ship your order.

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The TDC follows Taco's standard on any order that is shipping to a Rep firm with a minimum $50 order.  Also, any order that is shipping Collect or 3rd Party via UPS has a $50 minimum.

So, if the order is drop shipping to a Rep's customer and is prepaid & add, there is NO minimum order requirement.

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All impeller trim and custom pump orders are processed in the order they were received.  A trimmed impeller can take anywhere from 1-3 days to ship.  Pump assemblies can take as long as a week.  There are times during our busiest seasons that the trim & assembly schedule has an excessive number of orders on it and can extend the lead times beyond a week. 

We strive to process every order as quickly as we possibly can.

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The short answer is, no.  In most cases, every custom pump order we receive is an urgent matter.  If we allow some orders in front of others that were received sooner, it affects our ability to meet the quoted lead time on those orders. 

We will always do everything we can to ship custom pump orders as quickly as possible.

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